HAITooL is developing a global health approach for the prevention and control of antibiotic resistance, within the context of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP)

HAITooL is already giving its first steps in Cape Verde, Brazil and Mozambique.

The main goal is to mitigate the problem, for the patient safety, by overcoming geographical barriers and the lack of human resources for health (HRH), through the implementation of an Antibiotic Stewardship service (ABS). Telemedicine networking will be key for action. The focus is leveraging the role and capacity strengthening of the health workforce in addressing the problem, working on a contextualized solution.

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HAITooL Antibiotic Stewardship Implementation toolkit

HAITooL Antibiotic Stewardship Implementation toolkit is available upon request. If you are interested please contact Luís Velez Lapão (PI)

HAITooL published movies on Innovation in Health

HAITooL project published one movies about Innovation in Health. (In Portuguese).

HAITooL published movies on Antibiotic Stewardship Implementation

HAITooL project published two movies about antibiotic resistance and Antibiotic Stewardship Implementation. (In Portuguese).

Best practices for Antibiotic Stewardship Implementation

The HAITooL team, published "Boas Práticas para a Implementação de “Antibiotic Stewardship”", a document that intend to be a usefull document for Antibiotic Stewardship Implementation . The document can be seen here. (Portuguese Version)